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Reliable Site Medical Oxygen Generator in India

Verified By: Dr. Einstein M.G. (Diabetician at Chellam Hospital), and Dr. Shreeshail Byadgi (Managing Director at Sukshema Hospital) | Updated on 25th August 2020

Medical oxygen plays an indispensable role in healthcare factors like resuscitation and life support. Hospitals and Nursing Homes need medical oxygen for inhalation therapy. The oxygen machine is often recommended for use as it offers effective support for cardiovascular stability. 

This medical oxygen must be pure and clean. It must also conform to the clinical standards of hygiene and safety. Only reliable oxygen generators can produce such high purity oxygen for oxygen therapy patients.

How do Oxygen Generators work?

An oxygen generator is a device that distills oxygen from the ambient air. After removing nitrogen gas from it, the oxygen obtained thus is of a high concentration of 93% +/- 3%. The method used for concentrating this oxygen is Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA).

In PSA, the nitrogen in the natural air gets passed through a compressor at high pressure. Here, it gets adsorbed on porous zeolite, leaving behind only oxygen. This oxygen is further conditioned and filtered before storing it in buffer tanks. 

The pure oxygen is then sent by pipes to the end user-patient in a direct manner.

Why use Oxygen Generators from Agastyaoxtech?

Agastyaoxtech is a leading provider of oxygen generators in India.  We have high-quality medical oxygen generator systems in India. No need to import oxygen cylinders or Chinese oxygen generators that may be inferior in quality or sold by a local oxygen generator dealer!

Agastyaoxtech offers turn-key installation and supply of oxygen generators in India through a collaborative venture with Oxair India Ltd. Oxair Gas Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of oxygen generators globally. This is why it is advisable to use Oxair brand oxygen Generators systems designed, developed, and distributed by Agastyaoxtech which offer 100% safe and convenient medical PSA oxygen.

Oxygen generators
Agastyaoxtech and Oxair once again prove to be reliable partners in oxygen generators. In record time manufactured plant for district hospital government of Rajasthan

Provider of Quality Medical O2 Generators in India

Oxair set up a collaborative joint venture with Agastya Aeroworks Pvt. Ltd. with an aim to supply medical oxygen PSA units to all hospitals across India.

Agastyaoxtech is the brainchild of 3 Indian Navy veterans: Ashok Kandadai, PA George, and Bhawnesh Bhardwaj, who believe in the motto, “Come what may give your best.” That is why Agastyaoxtech is committed to total quality. Complete safety along with committed service is their strength. We believe in the spirit of “Give Your Best to  Give a Breath of Life.” This has made us embark on a mission to be the provider of pure medical oxygen generators in India.

Why should I use oxygen Generators over oxygen cylinders?

Hospital and health clinics use oxygen stored in cylinders as a routine. Such oxygen used from cylinders is unsafe as it may carry rust and dirt particles from the cylinders. The iron cylinders are prone to rust and are unsafe.

Every hospital may have many patients in the ICU requiring oxygen support. Using oxygen from cylinders is cumbersome as shifting the cylinders from one place to next is a tiresome affair and may lead to back problems for the movers.

Oxygen cylinders are costly to procure and maintain. Unused cylinders can go waste after ordering and the logistics of managing oxygen cylinders is a nightmare.

In contrast, Oxair Systems supply PSA oxygen on tap directly to the patient with the proper flow rate. Hospitals can also refill this oxygen in bottles for circulation as a portable generator.

Our PSA oxygen is stored in inlet tanks for rust-free moisture-free dry oxygen. This is why our ISO-13485 certified oxygen generators are totally safe for clinical use.  

Agastyaoxtech is the right alternative as we offer a continuous supply of oxygen in-house. We have well-established and successful turn-key installations in the Philippines, Australia, and Africa. In India, our landmark Oxygen Generator projects can be found at:

  • Silver Birch Hospital at Pune
  • Sunrise Hospital at Hyderabad and
  • Kshetrapal hospital at Ajmer

Life on earth survives on oxygen. All living beings derive oxygen from the air we breathe but the natural air has only 20% of oxygen. Healthcare needs a higher concentration of oxygen and this is a Medical Oxygen requirement that can be fulfilled through oxygen plants.

Agastyaoxtech’s hospital oxygen generators bring great cost-savings and convenience to medical clinics and hospitals alike. 

News and Testimonials About Our Generators

“I am writing to congratulate and to convey my appreciation to Agastya for successfully installing and commissioning OA-550 (53 cylinders per day capacity) Oxygen Plant of Oxair brand, for our hospital. The plant was installed and commissioned in June 2019 and to date the plant's performance is excellent. The sustained efforts of Team Agastya reflect a lot on the way they conduct business as a whole. From our point of view, the commissioning  of this Oxygen Plant and its utility to date had a significant milestone as it gives Kshetrapal Hospital a more robust, reliable and economical means of providing life-saving systems to our patients. We have, and will continue to, recommend Agastya, as a reliable partner, to other hospitals within our medical fraternity.”
“It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that the Oxygen Generation Plant, installed by your company was commissioned in January 2018. It is the first PSA Oxygen Generation Plant in Davangere, and the oxygen being produced is in line with the requirements. The efforts made by team Agastya in the installation of the plant is highly commendable. Post-installation, the response and scheduled maintenance services rendered by team Agastya are highly appreciable. And we look forward to similar support to the installed plant in the years to come.”

How Does Agastyaoxtech Ensure High-Grade Pure Oxygen Generators in India?

Agastyaoxtech in collaboration with Oxair Systems manufactures excellent oxygen Generators in India that ensure effective oxygen therapy output because:

  • Agastyaoxtech’s medical oxygen generators are ISO-13485 certified and are thus ideal for hospital use.
  • We are compliant with ISO-10083 and hence offer the greatest reliability and security.
  • We meet all the safety standards needed for medical oxygen generators and the use of supplemental oxygen.
  • Agastyaoxtech can give you an uninterrupted supply of oxygen even during a power outage. This continuous oxygen supply ensures that oxygen therapy equipment does not fail due to a lack of oxygen.
  • With Agastyaoxtech, the running costs for the PSA oxygen generators are very low. They are built using high-quality materials and hence need very little maintenance.
  • Common oxygen generators use solenoid valves that have a short life but we use True Air Process Actuated Valves that last long, offering trouble-free services.
  • Agastyaoxtech’s systems do not have check valves that often fail. Instead, they use stainless steel piping which has minimal or no wear and tear.
  • Our systems are the quietest in the market with the least noise level. They have a muffler that reduces noise to have a peaceful ambiance in the workplace.
  • Agastyaoxtech’s systems operate with a color touch screen display and a friendly interface. It enables an automatic operation without the need for any training of personnel.

Always buy oxygen generators from a reliable medical oxygen equipment provider like Agastyaoxtech. Call us at +91 83225 13921 or fill out the form below to get in touch with our team.